Virtual Reality Art Gallery Experience


The Virtual Reality Art Gallery Experience was a project carried out by a collective of artists, whose exhibition debut came in April of 2017 at the Institute of Contemporary Art, and reappeared in June of 2018 as a selection of the Currents New Media Festival, in Santa Fe, New Mexico.



The artists each proposed a vision for their body of work which was rendered by a team of 3D modelers, and placed inside the interactive gallery experience constructed by a team of programmers. I was employed as the designer for the exhibition, creating the identity materials, press packets, signage, and assisting with exhibition design.



Our artist collective is committed to blending the expansive possibilities of modern technology with the world of contemporary art. Through the use of emerging technologies in the fields of virtual and augmented reality, we create new and innovative approaches to interactivity and contextualization in art. Aside from the strictly virtual, our mission is to connect our artists and developers with clientele in need of a particular skill set. The Pseudodox team is composed of artists from a broad spectrum of practices, including commercial photography and film, computer science, painting, and other fine arts, equipped to take on a broad range of projects; both commercial and noncommercial. We are primarily a student-ran collective, composed of art and technology students from Maine College of Art and the University of Southern Maine.


My experience enabled me to utilize our facility’s CNC router to make cut-outs of our logo to hang in the front gallery space. Included also are plans for the exhibition, as arranged with the director of the gallery space across multiple meetings with members of the group and assistant coordinators.


Promotional material for the gallery opening was created using artwork from a selection of gallery spaces featured within the project and distributed around town and posted across various media platforms.

User interface examples, instructional cards to guide users through initial navigation of the gallery space.

Pseudodox logo-03.png
Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 5.41.13 PM.png

Marketing examples for the collective, using word mark that I designed for the group.