Thesis Process Journals

An ongoing documentation of my process in creating my final thesis project towards my BFA in Graphic Design at the Maine College of Art.

Week Ten: Part Two


On Sunday afternoon I made what was supposed to be a quick trip to Tandem around 3 PM, and left, three hours later, having filled twenty-eight pages in this handy little notebook. My talk with Margo at the beginning of the week has had my wheels spinning nonstop.

Finding a way to synthesize all of the information into a single codification/ language had become a stifling project, and—as my research developed—one which no longer even made sense to pursue. By my rough estimates, this change in direction took approximately two weeks from the subtle intinations that tickle the back of the brain, to the full-fledged realization and ability to pursue action.

These notes are the roughing out of the four different spheres of habit* which will become the four posters of my exhibition.

*I am now starting to find issue with the terminology "habit," as a word which has been highly sensationalized and commodified by the ever-industrious self-help industry. I hope to work towards an alternate definition, but fear that this process of re-naming may be beyond my scope of neurological understanding.


I have also just made this poster for the Artist Collective whose gallery opening I have been working on the exhibition design for. It closely resembles one of the discarded "What if" poster drafts from the first weeks of the semester, which I am happy to have given a new application to.

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