Thesis Process Journals

An ongoing documentation of my process in creating my final thesis project towards my BFA in Graphic Design at the Maine College of Art.

Week Two: Hitting the ground rolling

On Tuesday we all celebrated one icy, slushy mess of a snow day (a few of us trudged our way to the studio, many worked from home), and were relieved from our first formal deadline. 

When we resumed on Thursday, we held our first in-progress critiques for a project assigned across the board to all graduating Graphic Design thesis participants.

We call it the What If... poster.

The premise of the project is for us to begin production on an accessible scale, chipping away towards the larger ideas we have at hand. It is easy, I have always found, to get lost in the preliminary phases of research and development, especially with projects of this scope and caliber.

The posters allow us to accept the utility of smaller questions, and direct us away from a need to answer every sweeping contention along the way.  By generating a list of "What if..." questions, we were able to make choices in addressing small and specific applications of our subject matter, or grandiose, unanswered questions about our topic in general. The process of designing sketches towards such as unified an intent as a class-wide project was also helpful in digging up processes of design thinking which have a tendency to fall by the wayside as the scale of projects increases.

My poster is one of a few to come which will serve as promotional material during the research and development phases of my timeline. 

With questions like: 

What do our rituals say? 

How do our habits look? 

It is my hope to pique the interest of a participatory audience, as well as compel as many eager onlookers as possible for the project's final reception.

Future weeks are beginning to shape up with a good amount of clarity as I narrow my areas of focus. 

I was presented with a tantalizing connection to a programmer, which--upon reflection, I do not believe I will be able to utilize. While an interactive dimension for this system is really the height of my aspirations for it, I have gained acceptance that taking on such unfamiliar territory would be an ill advised move at this juncture.

Instead, I will be devoting my efforts towards a book which will catalog the process, evolution, and execution of my project.

Final posters are due next week, and by that time I will hopefully have some survey feedback to get crackin' with!

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