[Media]ted Reality

[Media]ted Reality

[Media]ted Reality

BFA POSTER upload.png

Entry for the 2016 BFA show at Maine College of Art

Through this piece, as in my practice, it is my attempt to intervene with the framework of our awareness. To design something that will force its participants into a process of considering its construction; a mimetic performance of visual information and sensory intake. It is my goal to communicate the idea that everything we regularly encounter is constructed in the same fashion as I, here, am acting out.

By questioning formations housed within the barrage of visual information ceaselessly acted upon us, I am attempting to deconstruct my relation to the world as a designer.

What is the difference between experiential reality and consensus reality, can we emerge from this dictatorial frame of mediated interpretation, and is it possible to design towards a framework that sets that reversal in motion?

My experience with installation and exhibition design is bolstered by a healthy yearning for the big and bold. Hand-cut vinyl accompanied my poster in the exhibition space, which was hung by magnets set into strips of birch and mounted by cleats onto the wall.